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3D Online Logo And Designs Maker Android App

7th Pay Commission Latest News

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Before Holi, the country's government employees are going to get big good news. According to media reports, the Modi government may increase the inflation allowance by 4 per cent. Central Government Employees.
The government may increase the inflation relief allowance

According to media reports, after the announcement of the All India Consumer Price Index and the introduction of the Union Budget 2021 in Parliament, the inflation allowance has gone up by 4 per cent. According to sources, the government may increase dearness relief by 4 per cent. Also can pay other outstanding allowance.

The recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission will be implemented

The government's announcement on DA hike will be based on the recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission. Currently the central employee gets a DA of 17 per cent. That's 4% of DA and an increase in total DA.

The state can run on the formula of the center

According to the report, freezing the DA and DR installments for central government employees and pensioners will bring the combined savings to Rs 37,530 crore this financial year. These savings are also being made in the year before that. Let me tell you that state governments can generally comply with the Centre's order on DA and DR. It is estimated that the state government can also save Rs 82,566 by suspending the DA-DR of employees and pensioners adopting this formula of the Center.

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The Benefits of Adequate Sleep

Do you sleep less than 6 hours? It is dangerous if you do Elon Musk, the world's second richest man, outlining the pros and cons of sleep. Elon is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. They say that they now get 6 hours of sleep every night, which is why less sleep reduces productivity. Elon Musk was sharing experiences on the podcast show 'The Joe Rogan Experience'.

However, Musk also said that he still had a lot to do. They often meet until one or two o'clock at night. According to Musk, my productivity decreases when I try to get less sleep. Although I do not want to sleep more than 6 hours.

To be successful, a person has to work at least 80 hours a week, Musk said. If you really want to change the world you live in, then the working hours in a week can be up to 100 hours. There was a time when I was just sleeping and working for a few hours.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

In 2018, Tesla employees told Business Insider that musk has always been found sleeping on tables, desks and factory floors.

This Monkey Is Cutting Vegetables at a Speed

So many pets are coming into the yard of our house, most of the animals also eat what we eat and people also give these animals with their food which has created an invisible feeling between human and animal since ancient times is.

These animals include cows, buffalo, dogs, cats, goats, etc., and sometimes monkeys also enter human settlements. Monkeys usually harass people because of their antics. But recently an incident has come to light in which a monkey is picking vegetables with a woman and he has no problem doing so.

A video is going viral on social media platform Twitter in which a monkey is seen seeing a woman cutting vegetables. IRS Aman Preet shared this video in which he has written that if we decide something, we can work women power from humans to monkeys.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

In this video it can be seen that the monkey is busy with his work and a woman is slowly giving him pieces of vegetables and he is cutting this piece of monkey vegetable into two pieces. Not only this but the speed of monkey vegetable cutting is also remarkably fast. By watching the video, you can guess how much the monkey is interested in doing his work and is also working hard.

The Exact Remedy to Avoid the Problem of Hair Falling in the Cold

With the onset of winter, people are fighting the problem of cold. And this time too, they have to fight against Corona in the winter. But as winter comes, most people suffer from hair loss. Then today we will tell you what you will grow in shampoo to prevent the problem of falling hair which will prevent your falling hair. Also you will get relief from serious problem like dandruff

If you are troubled by the problem of hair fall in winter. And if you want your falling hair to stop, then you should put curd in your hair. After applying curd to the hair, leave it on the hair for half an hour and then wash the hair. Doing this will help you to get rid of hair loss problem as well if you have dandruff problem in your hair. And your hair will stay smooth and silky for a long time

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

Applying eggs to your hair will give your hair plenty of nutrition. Because eggs are rich in protein and vitamins. So if you continue to wash your hair with eggs, then your hair will stop falling out. Also if you have dandruff problem in your hair. Or your hair will be more oily. So this will give you relief and your hair will look more smooth and silky than before.

Eat Bananas if You Want to Lose Weight

If you are troubled by a large body and fed up with dieting, then you need to eat a banana. Although some people feel ashamed to consume sugar due to the sugar present in bananas, let me tell you that bananas have a lot of fiber. Which prevents the growth of high blood sugar as well as the fiber present in bananas slow down digestion and release energy, which lasts longer. So if you want to lose weight, eat bananas and lose weight.

Now if we talk about the benefits of eating bananas, the resistant starch present in bananas is a different type of starch, which is a very important element for the body. Yes, it helps many body functions to function properly.

Raw bananas have more fiber and one cup of boiled raw bananas contain three to four grams of fiber. Which helps in keeping the digestive process healthy and hence weight can be reduced easily by including it in the diet.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

The thing to note here is that when you feel like eating chocolate, biscuits and snacks you should eat bananas. It is important to note that hot water should be drunk after eating a banana, so weight loss occurs quickly. According to a research, it is believed that two to three kilos of weight can be reduced by drinking hot water with banana continuously for one month.

If You Also Eat Morning-evening Bread, Then Definitely Read This

In today's run-of-the-mill life, no one has time to think about their health. Talking about the big city, most of the people here eat outside. Now if we talk about O, there are many friends who always eat junk food. But now perhaps the way of office is changing because they will now focus on their health. I have brought such information for you today, which after reading you may need to think that you are living on sick bread. Today bread is the most important part of our food, today no food is eaten without bread. But do you know that this bread can kill you on purpose. So know about this bread

If I say in the first word, eating without bread is incomplete, because bread produces energy in our body. Not only this, it also removes toxins from our body and purifies our body. Not only this, if we do not eat bread in our food, we can die from the toxins that are produced in our body. Simply, bread is very beneficial for our body, but if you eat bread in the wrong way, then this bread can also kill you.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો

It is clear that if someone gives us many advantages, he can give us a lot of damage at any time. This system is similar to bread, if it is eaten in limited quantity then it is good for our body, but if bread is eaten in large quantity then this bread can be poison for us. Learn the disadvantages of eating more bread.

How to Find Your Name in List of PMJAY

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJY) from Ranchi on September 23, 2018. Under this, health insurance of Rs 5 lakh per annum will be provided to 10 crore families. It is being called the largest healthcare program in the world. The benefit of this scheme will be given on the basis of socio-economic caste census. A campaign was launched on April 30, 2018 to collect the existing mobile numbers and ration card numbers of those who can avail the benefits of the scheme based on the socio-economic caste calculation database. By visiting the website or by calling the helpline (14555), you may find that you can avail the benefits of the scheme ...

Click on this link. Enter your current mobile number and the captcha letters shown on the screen and click on the Generate OTP button. After this you will get OTP on your mobile via text message. Enter OTP and click Verify OTP. A page will open where you can search by entering your mobile number or other available information. It is explained in more detail ...

Click Here to Check your name

You can find out whether you are an eligible beneficiary for Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJY) through three factors. i) Mobile number / Ration card number (collected during ADCD campaign), ii) S.C.C. Name or iii) RSBY. U.R.N.