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Airtel will offer complimentary data up to six GB on prepaid recharge

On Thursday, Indian Railways announced a free data coupons scheme for its users within which the scheme was applicable on recharges of Rs 2,019 or above. The company said the scheme would be offered only to selected users and would be determined by Bharti Airtel on a minimum recharge on their eligibility criteria. Airtel stated on its Terms and Conditions page that the scheme will be offered only to users who have packed a certain recharge through their My Airtel application.

The scheme will provide some of Airtel's users and an additional 6GB company mentally in the form of data coupons which will be kept. Users will be able to clean this Cooper in the My Coupons section within their My Airtel app, the company said. Airtel offers complimentary data up to 6gb. Airtel stated that users who purchase a pack of Rs 200 19 or 249 or Rs 279 or Rs 298 or 349 or 398 will not be given two coupons 1gb and the validity of both Will be held for 28 days. At the same time, the company said that the coupon will also expire overnight on the same day as the reason why it will be used by the users.

Users who purchase Rs 399, Rs 449 or Rs 558 packs will be given four coupons of one GB and its validity will be kept for 56 days. And similarly those users who buy for Rs 598 or Rs 698 will be given over six of one GB for 84 days. Airtel users can also get coupons during the content period The company has stated that the coupons will be given only to certain users and will be determined by Airtel through eligibility criteria.

There is no limit to the number of daily winners but the winner can only be decided once in a contest, Airtel said in its terms and conditions page. Users will be notified of their win via SMS on the recharge number. Users are advised to recharge on the same day as they receive communication fur communications as their eligibility may change the next day. One thing to note here is that the company has not stated how long this free data coupon scheme has been in force.