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Very Useful for All Employees Going to the Next Election Very Useful for All the Employees Going to the Next Election

Important precautions when sealing with strip seal:

1. When fixing the strip, be sure to have a rubber cap covering the "close".

The button is clearly left and there is no difficulty in removing the rubber

Cap and manage that 'close' button.

2. The strip seal will be tight and not loose.

D. Damaged stripes are not used in any circuses.

Each. Each polling station will be given three ()) strip seals.

5. Accounts for each strip seal provided to the polling station for

Polling conduct in the diary of presiding officers.

6. Return each strip seal that has not been used (including the strips)

(Or pieces of it) accidentally damaged)

Video અહિંથી જુઓ

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7. The strip seal is always kept in safe custody