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We are approaching the image and rather than seeing pixels the dimensions of a fist at some point, we see the subsequent picture, we repeat the procedure repeatedly (in fact, it's like one quite smooth process and if the artists did an honest job, then the “joints” we we'll not see at all) and eventually we reach the first picture. generally , multikvayny, just for artists.

 And how is such a thing done? in fact , you'll draw it all frame by frame, moreover, some talented animators would have done it well. But practically altogether existing works of this genre it's indicated that these are fruits of collective creativity. Usually there's a team of artists, a project coordinator and a programmer who actually assembles it all at once and writes an interface. Nothing more engaging than fun browser games

Zoomquilt  Website

If you don’t have a strong PC to play video games, try your hands on games that run without installing anything except your browser. There are many browser games which will keep you entertained for hours. Here may be a list of best browser games you'll play on the web .