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Download DiskDigger photo recovery Application Form Playstore

Data Recovery - Recover Deleted Photos and Videos app helps to make file recovery for deleted media. You can easily recover and restore deleted photos, videos, important documents, and audio files. Sometimes while cleaning unwanted media we get our important files deleted. We may delete photos and videos with valuable memories. The Media file recovery tool has come to the rescue. There is NO need to root your smart device to Recover Deleted Media.

Deleted audio recovery: To recover audio files simply select deleted audios needed to recover. Click "recover" to make a speedy deleted audio recovery.

Document recovery app:
Restore app recover data feature extends to pdf document recovery. You can receive & restore important official docs deleted using the document recovery app.

Backup data on Cloud Storage:
Restore app enables users to create a backup of phone memory over Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Amazon Drive, Dropbox, and BT Cloud. In the “backup and sync” activity you can upload photos, audios, doc files, or videos over google drive. If you want to backup media that is deleted. Restoration and recovery to the local folder before the backup is necessary.

Data Recover app also provides the functionality of cloud backup. You can backup and sync your memory photos, videos, audio or important documents. Disk Digging app is a smart tool to protect your data. Backup and recovery apps effectively recover deleted pictures and videos. The pdf document recovery app is the best app for android data recovery.

Features of Data Recovery - Recover Deleted Photos and Videos:
✔ Disk digging creates backup and restores all data recently deleted
✔ Enables to Restore data from internal memory
✔ Makes deleted photo recovery
✔ Effectively recover deleted videos
✔ Extends restoration feature to the pdf document recovery
✔ Allows to create a backup on Google cloud storage
✔ Clean up internal memory to create free space